Porridge', Hard-boiled Eggs And 12 Other Very Healthy Breakfasts To Lose Weight Without Going Hungry

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The best recipes to start the day with a lot of energy and not snack until lunch

According to experts, in summer we gain about 3 kilos on average, an excess weight that is difficult to reverse if good habits are not resumed as soon as possible. The combo of sport and diet  has always been the most effective to regain an ideal weight: in the case of the former, we have revealed to you the eight tricks with which to return to the gym and never leave it; As for recovering healthy eating habits that last over time, we are going to give you ideas to prepare what is considered the "most important meal of the day"  through varied breakfasts, drinks known to burn fat, and fruits that extinguish the need to eat sweets.

Boiled egg, cherry tomato and toast, like Martina Svedin

The middle of Helene Svedin and Luís Figo is a great cook and her networks are the best source of inspiration to eat delicious, healthy and varied food. As an example, this breakfast based on cherry tomatoes , a slice of toast, a small portion of butter and one of the best sources of protein with high biological value: the egg . In addition, by boiling it to eat it hard, you avoid a large amount of calories and fats that would be added when cooking it fried or scrambled. 

Toast with tomato

Whether in the form of the famous tumaca bread or cut into slices on a slice of bread (preferably whole grain and easily digestible wheat), tomatoes are an ideal option to break the fast in the morning: "Due to its high vitamin content C, with analgesic properties of protaglandins that are responsible for pain, tomatoes can be considered a good ally against headaches . Including it in the daily diet, in breakfast toast for example, is a very healthy option to take into account," he recommends. Dr. Elena Soria, from Clínica Menorca, about one of its many benefits, in addition to its antioxidant power that helps reduce cholesterol levels (LDL) or beautify the texture of the skin. 

Nieves Álvarez's 'porridge'

Oatmeal cooked in water or milk is one of the models' favorite options for breakfast, not only because of the great satiating and nutritious power contained in this typical Scottish recipe, which in English is known as porridge, but also because it helps balance levels . blood sugar, regulate cholesterol and reduce abdominal fat . As a trick to season it, Nieves Álvarez takes it with nuts, apple and cinnamon, the latter a spice famous for its thermogenic properties (accelerates metabolism). 

'Açaí bowl'

They are fashionable, they are the most photographed bowls on the internet and, although their ingredients are very healthy, they also add 300 to 500 calories per serving. Choosing less caloric fruits instead of the banana that is usually used to prepare it is key, in addition to avoiding nut butter if you want to lose weight and opting for toppings such as blueberries, raspberries or a handful of walnuts , For example. What we want to tell you is that it is a great option to reach September because it helps satiate the stomach for hours and açaí berries are very rich in fiber, so they promote digestion, in addition to helping to accelerate the metabolism , which that achieves greater physical performance. 

Refreshing Fruits

Eating fruits like watermelon or melon is a very good idea, because they have great slimming benefits. We are talking about varieties with recognized diuretic properties that help eliminate fluid retention, often the reason why we feel bloated. Myriam Yébenes, Director of the Maribel Yébenes Firm, recommends them to effectively reduce swelling , "at night you could also make a cleansing broth or eat endives with white fish," she proposes. 

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The Tea Matcha

This vigorous and invigorating beverage to go with breakfast supplements the impacts of espresso and is a decent choice when you need to shed pounds: "The word 'matcha' signifies 'powdered tea' and, in that capacity, this drink comes straightforwardly from the beginning tea leaves . Matcha powders are added to boiling water, so it saves its properties much better. These are some of them: it animates the psyche and loosens up the body, it helps keep the supply routes solid and controls hypertension, reinforces the resistant framework, forestalls the indications of Alzheimer's and assists ignite with fatting , among others," bring up the experts at Nutrium, the most recent idea in nourishment, dietetics, wellbeing and prosperity.

With avocado, like Violeta Mangriñán

In addition to being a fan of matcha tea, the influencer also loves the famous toasts with egg, tomato and avocado. One of the great benefits of the recipe is that we are talking about a mixture rich in the three essential macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats and proteins) , perfect to satisfy the stomach for hours, very easy to prepare and a good option to maintain levels. of energy for hours.

Yogurt with seeds

The experts at the MiraCueto clinic recommend a series of breakfasts designed to eliminate swelling after a summer of excesses. They opt for a natural, skimmed yogurt with flax seeds , known for their power in regulating intestinal transit and reducing levels of cholesterol known as "bad" (LDL). As for fruit, they point out kiwi as ideal in case of notable fluid retention, although you can always choose berries or other varieties rich in water and low in calories. 

Protein shakes

As tips for breakfast in Mira+Cueto's 6-day plan, these are their instructions: "Have unsweetened green tea, accompanied by a slice of pineapple and, if you feel like it, some whole grain cereals with vegetable almond milk. Yes If you do sports first thing in the morning, you can drink only green tea and then a protein shake with water or almond milk .

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Toast with avocado

If you are one of those who constantly snack between meals and cannot resist a snack between breakfast and lunch, the most satisfying and healthy recipes will be your allies to kill the itch. Avocado toast is one of those that achieves this, because this green-fleshed fruit offers benefits when it comes to protecting cardiovascular health, improving the condition of bones and, as we told you, it provides fiber so as not to raid the refrigerator at odd hours. . 

Bread yes, but in the morning

Regarding the toast that we just told you about, they are a good idea if you want to lose weight, but only in the morning: "I'm sorry to tell you that yes, you have to cut yourself. Apart from the toast for breakfast, the rest of the day is better forget about bread , breadsticks and of course snacks , even the so-called light ones, because they contain sugars and a larger number of fats than they show up," cautions Dr. Leo Cerrud, nutrition expert.

Nicola Peltz's energy toast

This is the breakfast that the actress prepares before going to work and what is certain is that it keeps her stomach satisfied for hours thanks to the slices of banana and the honey with which she accompanies her slice of bread. Apart from being a good idea for those who don't eat anything until lunch, this sweet toast will also be a great ally for those who go to the gym first thing in the morning , since this fruit helps muscle recovery and honey is a source of fructose that releases your energy gradually during training.

Scrambled eggs, like Valentina Zenere

The Elite actress has shared a very complete breakfast from which we are left with the good habit of having proteins for breakfast . Although in the case of scrambled eggs, you should avoid butter when cooking them and also opt for the varieties of bread that we recommend above. As for the granola bowl with yogurt and fruits, you will have to be careful with the quantities at the risk of triggering calorie consumption from the first hour of the day. 

Natural juices

We end with one of the great protagonists of breakfast, although we do so with a warning: "Lately juices have been in the spotlight, and rightly so; if it is made from vegetables, no problem, because they provide few calories (it always depends on the vegetable, the ideal ones are celery, spinach, etc.) but if it is fruit it contains a huge amount of sugar and enters the body quickly, easily and to make matters worse it provides immediate pleasure.

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