We Reveal Ten Celebrities Who Said Goodbye To Their Tattoos Permanently

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A Gathering Of The When Of The Skin Of The people Who Have Lamented Their Recollections In Ink

As Miley Cyrus once said , "everyone makes mistakes." For this reason, there are many  celebrities  who do not hide having undergone tattoo removal . As in HELLO! We have told you, through a complete inspiration guide for small and discreet tattoos but full of meaning , choosing the location well and trying not to engrave names or initials in ink on the skin that we may later regret is key to avoid having to resort to laser . The clear example of this is found in the following known cases.

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Billy Bob Thornton's name on Angelina Jolie's arm

After Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton separated in 2002, the actress decided to erase the actor's name from her left arm. The dragon below, however, remained on her skin for a while. But not forever!

After a while, Angelina Jolie decided to also remove the dragon from her left shoulder. Over the shadow that this left, because the elimination is not always total, she tattooed  the coordinates of the birth cities of her children and her ex-husband, Brad Pitt.

The flower that Jessica Alba got when she was 17

Already in 2019, Jessica Alba admitted to  Refinery29  that she regretted having a flower on the back of her neck at the age of 17. The actress tried to erase it with a laser. Below we show you the result of her process.

There are tattoos that are more difficult to remove than others. It didn't look too good on Jessica Alba . Maybe she didn't get it done with what experts now say is the most effective method of tattoo removal. We are talking about the  Q-switched laser , which does not leave lesions or scars on the skin.

Marilyn Monroe's face on Megan Fox's forearm

Megan Fox regretted or probably got tired of having Marilyn Monroe's face tattooed on her right arm. The entire world participated in the process of removing this tattoo and was able to follow it in real time thanks to the actress' numerous appearances on the red carpet, which showed how she was fading . 

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Melanie Griffith's 'Antonio'

When, after 20 years of marriage, she separated from Spanish Antonio Banderas in 2014, actress Melanie Griffith decided to remove the actor's name from the inside of the heart that was tattooed on her left shoulder. Her heart remained on her skin for a while.

Eventually, Griffith decided to completely remove the tattoo from his skin. It probably took several sessions but he managed it and, as this photograph proves, the result is surprising. The laser manages to fragment the ink into very small particles that the body eliminates naturally through the lymphatic system quickly. Furthermore, when it penetrates the skin, it activates cells , thus stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, which promote skin repair . In the case of the actress, the process was, of course, a success.

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Pamela Anderson's Barbed Wire

In 2014, Pamela Anderson removed the barbed wire tattoo that wrapped around her right bicep. Anderson initially got the tattoo permanently for her role in  Barb Wire  in 1996, for the sole purpose of  makeup artists not having to create the tattoo on her arm every day on set. The actress repented and we show you how she felt when she eliminated him.

Anderson kept her tattoo for 20 years , which gives us a clue that she did like the design and didn't get it done exclusively to save hours of makeup on the set. Furthermore, his design created a trend and was a real success in the 90s.

The two tattoos that Eva Longoria dedicated to Tony Parker

Eva Longoria got two tattoos while she was married to now-former basketball player  Tony Parker : her wedding date on her wrist and the word nine on the back of her neck, a nod to Parker 's jersey number . After her divorce in 2010, Longoria removed her tattoos . 

It seems that Eva Longoria was satisfied with the process of removing her tattoos because later, in 2016, she also removed the star that she had tattooed on her wrist.

The name of Heidi Klum's ex-husband

To celebrate her fourth wedding anniversary with singer Seal, with whom she had four children, model Heidi Klum got an abstract design tattooed on the inside of her arm. The German explained the meaning of the design to People magazine  . Apparently, it was the name of her husband and the initials of her children in the stars. Four years later, in 2012, after filing for divorce from her, Klum began the process of removing her tattoo.

Heidi Klum removed the part dedicated to Seal from her tattoo, although she kept the stellar details that had to do with her children.

The water symbol that Jennifer Lawrence made

While Jennifer Lawrence was with her filming partner Liam Hems worth and his family , she was fond of tattoos, and decided to let herself go and tattoo the chemical formula of water on her right hand . And she did it in pink ink. However, after a while she wanted to delete it for the following reason. 

The word 'Virginia' from Nicole Richie's doll

When she was 16, actress Nicole Richie thought it would be a good idea to tattoo the word "Virginia" on her wrist as proof of her virginity. Years later, the interpreter realized that this was "shameful and desperate."

The word "Virginia" on his wrist isn't the only tattoo Richie has removed. Nicole regrets having gotten several tattoos . Among them, a cross on the small of her back and the word "Richie" that she tattooed on her neck.

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Demi Lovato's lips 

At the beginning of her professional career, Demi Lovato had lips tattooed on her left wrist . However, the singer acknowledged to the American media that that design had been the result of a "stupid and spontaneous decision." The actress also wanted to remedy her mistake but she did not erase her tattoo! Look what her decision was. 

Instead of removing the tattoo from her wrist, Demi Lovato decided to hide it under a larger one . In this case, a rose with great detail.

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