10 Boho Skirts From Cortefiel


With irresistible prints and perfect for hippie-inspired outfits, these skirts are causing a sensation. Take a look at Cortefiel's proposals!

The supreme trend of each fall, the boho style is our favorite when creating outfits with skirts and at Cortefiel we discover a wide selection of this type of garments. Printed or plain , these boho skirts not only look great due to their cut (blessed high waist), they also achieve this thanks to the type of footwear with which they cry out to be combined: with boots and ankle boots. These are some of the most stylish and their possible combinations result in the most inspiring bohemian looks .

What is the boho style and why it is always a trend

The term boho is so established in our vocabulary that we often end up attaching the label to any style that is out of the ordinary and is a little more risky. Although we don't always get the name right. The term boho comes from the word bohemian and was born from the hippie spirit of the 60s . This is reflected in a much more fluid and relaxed style in which loose-fitting garments, ethnic prints , natural fabrics, fringes and lace, and earth tones predominate.

As far as boho skirts are concerned, these are characterized by the fact that they are long to the floor or a midi length, their fabrics are much more airy and fluid (no leather effect or tweed fabrics) and, in general, they are adorned with prints in pastel or earth tones. When it comes to combining them and emphasizing the hippie aesthetic, the possibilities are quite wide.

How to combine boho skirts for a hippie but current style

With a t-shirt: If we want to maintain the harmony of the figure and wear a very long boho skirt, it is advisable to play with a tighter garment on top and this will balance the fluidity of the skirt.

With boots or ankle boots : The winning style combination. If there is a garment that combines perfectly with a boho skirt, it is boots. It would be too typical to opt for cowboy boots, so we recommend leaving them aside and wearing high-top suede boots or fringed ankle boots.

With vests or kimonos : Once again in autumn, they are trending again and we could like nothing more when it comes to combining a boho skirt. In the case of vests, play with prints and velvet to give a more modern touch.

With wide belts : They caused a sensation in the 2000s and now they have become a trend again. Take advantage of the fact that fluid skirts are crying out for a belt with which to frame the figure and choose the belt with the most XXL buckle.

With a crop top : The most daring option (and the least cold). With the idea of ​​breaking the fluidity, go for a shorter version of the top. Of course, don't forget to play with lace to give the style an even more boho touch.

In mauve and with flowers

In addition to its flattering color and the panels into which the garment is divided, what stands out most about this boho skirt is its combination with an XXL belt.

With embroidered blouse

If you want the whole look to emanate boho trends, nothing like combining the skirt with an embroidered blouse. Finish it off with suede boots and you will be the most glamorous hippie

Of flowers

Although the prints of boho garments are characterized by being ethnic, flowers are also suitable for this type of garment.

midi length

It is not necessary for a boho skirt to be floor-length. Proof of this is this irresistible skirt that you can combine with a long kimono or a fringed vest.

With geometric print

If the tones are appropriate, as is the case with this skirt, we can replace the ethnic print with a geometric one. Remember to combine the garment with other more neutral ones so as not to overload the style.

boho romanticism

Trends allow us to take license and bet on giving it a different touch. As is the case with this skirt, which avoids the most conventional boho and opts for giving it a more ladylike touch.


With a print that is very reminiscent of seventies aesthetics, this skirt is a much more personal version of boho trends.

With very high boots

Being a much shorter proposal, this skirt is perfect for showing off your style and high boots.

With beige sweater

It is not necessary to go for a blouse with embroidery and lace to achieve a boho aesthetic. In the case of this skirt, colors already play a fundamental role, so you can opt for a sweater in all neutrals.

Knitted and flared

Yes, the boho aesthetic fabrics are much lighter, but the temperatures sometimes invite you to opt for much warmer fabrics, such as knitwear. The key is in the accessories, printed maxi scarves, suede boots, vests...

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