Boost Your Health With The Best Vitamin D Supplements (when necessary)

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Overview About Vitamin D

We tell you what this vitamin is, when to take 'hidroferol' and what other supplements exist to avoid deficiency.

Vitamin D , known as the 'sunshine vitamin', plays a fundamental role in the optimal functioning of our body. It is not only essential for the health of our bones, but also influences the immune system, emotional balance and disease prevention.  Pharmacist  Mar SantamarĂ­a, from Promofarma , explains everything to us about this essential nutrient and tells us the difference between hidroferol, a medication used in cases of vitamin D deficiency, and other food supplements that contain this vitamin.

What is vitamin D and what is its importance for health?

Vitamin D, truth be told, we consider " in excess of a nutrient " : it has chemical capabilities. Thus its extraordinary significance in the body. The ideal is to have stable blood levels of this nutrient, inside ideal reaches (30 to 50ng/mL), and it is very considered normal to be underneath (hypovitaminosis D). For that reason having an assessment by a wellbeing proficient prior to beginning supplementation is significant.

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How does vitamin D deficiency manifest and how is it treated?

In children, if the level of vitamin D is below a very critical level (severe deficiency), a serious condition such as rickets in children may appear , but in our environment it is no longer common (it causes a weakening of the bones that causes fractures and notable growth retardation). In adults, this severe problem is known as Osteomalacia (manifested by muscle and skeletal pain).

Outside of these extremes, it is common to find deficient or insufficient levels of vitamin D among the population, which may or may not have associated symptoms. At the bone level, a low level of vitamin D is associated with a higher risk of bone fractures . At other levels, it can affect cardiovascular health, the correct functioning of the immune system, metabolic diseases or mood. A correlation has been found between especially low levels of vitamin D and increased mortality.

In cases of overweight/obesity , taking certain medications or chronic intestinal problems (factors that can affect the absorption or availability of vitamin D) it is advisable to evaluate it, also in children.

During breastfeeding, it is advisable to supplement the baby, always according to pediatric indication. The way to compensate for a deficiency or insufficiency of vitamin D is by taking a medication or supplement indicated by a health professional.

What is hidropherol? 

Hidroferol is a brand name that contains cholecalciferol , which is a form of vitamin D. Vitamin D is important for bone health and the immune system, among other functions in the body.

The exact way to take hidropherol may vary depending on the concentration of the product and the instructions of your doctor or health care professional. It is usually taken orally in the form of drops or tablets.

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What other vitamin D supplements are there?

Another way to provide an additional dose of vitamin D is in the form of a food supplement (supplement). The dose, in this case, is lower than the medicinal dose (high dose). It is more similar to a physiological contribution, that is, what we can obtain through diet and daily dermal production of this vitamin. Normally, we are talking about 500 IU to 4000 IU (usual dose of dietary supplements). The amount to be taken and the type of product (supplement or medication) must be prescribed by a health professional, depending on each case. The recommended daily amount is 600 IU but may vary depending on age, life stage or specific situations.

Vitamin D3+K2 from DocMorris 

A nutritional supplement that combines vitamins D and K, ideal for protecting your bones and joints. Vitamin D3 maintains bone health, strengthens the immune system and improves mood. Vitamin K2 prevents calcification of arteries and tissues, reducing inflammatory processes. This supplement is valid for 2 months of supplementation.

Vitamin D3, from Lamberts

Each capsule of this food supplement offers a generous dose of 2000 IU in the form of vitamin D3. In addition, it includes sunflower oil, a crucial component for the absorption of this fat-soluble vitamin. This combination provides an effective solution to ensure that the body can take full advantage of the benefits of vitamin D with each intake.

Protect junior, by Marnys 

A natural cocktail with royal jelly, propolis and 12 vitamins, including vitamin D, for the little ones. This food supplement for children over 4 years old is ideal for growth stages, physical activities and physiological changes. In addition, it has a convenient format in drinkable single doses with a berry flavor.

In conclusion 

The benefits of vitamin D supplementation in promoting overall health and well-being cannot be overstated. As we've explored throughout this discussion, vitamin D plays a crucial role in various bodily functions, including bone health, immune system support, mood regulation, and more. When natural sources of vitamin D are insufficient, or when individuals face limitations in sun exposure, high-quality vitamin D supplements become an essential resource.

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