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We discover the Famous Places In The World most in demand by Spanish travelers, our favorites when planning next getaways. In Europe, Asia and the United States, the point is not to stop traveling.

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And why Olbia within Sardinia? This city is home to one of the most important airports on the island of Sardinia - which has others in Alghero, Cagliari and Arbatax - making it an excellent gateway to the beautiful Italian island, the most desired and chic in the Mediterranean.

Olbia is a good starting point to discover the long-awaited  Emerald Coast , with wild nature and exceptional white sand beaches, converted into one of the most exclusive destinations in Europe . Its main city, Porto Cervo, is full of trendy restaurants, boutiques and charming little hotels where you can spend a few days in the Mediterranean sun.

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Japan continues to be one of the favorite destinations year after year and by 2024 it will be in second and third place. A fashionable destination in Asia that is gaining followers every year thanks to the fact that airfares have been falling little by little.

Oasaka is the ideal destination for foodie travelers on a budget , because the city is known for its excellent cuisine, with a wide price range. It is the fourth place in the world with the most Michelin stars - eighty one-star restaurants, ten two-star restaurants and three three-star restaurants - and it is home to some of the most affordable high-end restaurants in the world . They also hold important gastronomic events such as the Time Out Market , the first in Asia, or the World Food Expo , which is held every four years.

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Third place is occupied by another desired Japanese city and capital of the country: Tokyo . A metropolis that mixes the exoticism of the most ancient traditions with the eccentricities and frenetic life of the most modern cities in Asia. A city of contrasts where order and chaos, noise and silence, stillness and unbridled movement are experienced... where glass skyscrapers coexist with traditional temples , chaotic intersections do so with gardens that are a haven of peace and Top brand boutiques coexist with stores where you can buy appreciated handcrafted kimonos . For all this, Tokyo occupies third place among the most Famous Places by Spaniards in 2024.

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(+215% search increase)

We continue in Asia to land in another city of contrasts and with cheap flights from Spain , which can be found from around €400, depending on the season, to almost €800 in high season, the months of July and August. Be careful with your motorcycles, there are almost as many as there are inhabitants, a popular means of transportation that takes locals and tourists to some of its essential corners such as the Notre Dame Cathedral , the Vietnam War Museum , the noisy Saigon Centre , the market from Ben Thanh , the Central Post Office or the Opera House. Ho Chi Minh City is a good starting point for a tour of the Mekong Delta with its many floating markets.

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(+188% search increase)

The small island of Taiwan is sometimes overshadowed by other Asian destinations such as Thailand , China or the Philippines , but thanks to its prices that are often cheaper than its neighbors, Taiwan has managed to position itself as one of the trending destinations for next 2024 . A safe country, with delicious cuisine, good public transport connections and where you can have a mix of cultural and nature tourism, beaches and thermal areas . Its capital and main gateway is Taipei, the city that is placed fifth in this report due to the increase in searches among travelers.

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In recent years Croatia has positioned itself as one of the most fashionable countries in Europe. Its cities attract thousands of travelers every year in search of well-known places such as Dubrovnik , Split, Pula, Zagreb or the famous Plitvice lakes . Now it is Zadar, a city located on the Dalmatian Coast, that demands the attention of travelers thanks to its direct connections with several Spanish cities -Madrid, Valencia, Málaga, Alicante, Barcelona, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Castellón de la Plana- and low cost. Zadar is a great starting point to explore the rest of the Croatian coast.

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(+180% search increase)

Perhaps, until a few years ago you probably would not have thought of Georgia as a destination for your next vacation, but that is changing. Kutaisi, the second most populated city in Georgia , is growing in the interest of travelers thanks to direct flight connections with cities such as Barcelona or Madrid offered by low-cost companies, such as WizzAir , at very affordable prices.

Getting to know its historic center, the Historical Museum, the Bagrati Cathedral and mixing with the locals in one of its markets are the best plans in this city, and then continue discovering this emerging country , as surprising as it is safe.


(+178% search increase)

If there is a fashionable destination in recent years in Europe , it is the Azores islands . An archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic with marvelous nature, trails, hot springs or lava pools that lives in an eternal spring. To get to this paradise from Spain, it is done thanks to direct flights with low-cost companies that offer connections with Ponta Delgada , capital of the archipelago, in just over three hours. Once we land in this city - we are on the island of Sao Miguel - we have to visit its charming historic center , the craters and volcanic lakes of Fogo and Sete Cidades or the valleys of Furnas. Between islands, because you don't have to stay just on this one, there are daily connections by plane and ferry.


(+175% search increase)

The only destination in the United States that has made it onto the list of trends for 2024 is Boston, capital of the state of Massachusetts, and the reason is none other than the drop in plane ticket prices. Boston is among the most profitable destinations for Spanish travelers , with a decrease in airfares of 15% in the last year for tickets departing from Spain. Its parks, skyscrapers, cultural life, where you will visit some of the best American museums, or the coast with numerous islands to enjoy nature just a stone's throw from the city, are some of its musts .

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The Algarve has been chosen ten times as the best beach destination in Europe, including in 2023, more than any other. A magnet for Spanish travelers attracted by its natural beauty, proximity and affordable prices of our neighboring country. Faro , the beautiful capital of this region in southern Portugal, is also the gateway for those who access it by plane, with direct connections at very affordable prices and just under an hour and a half from cities like Madrid. Even if you intend to use Faro as your arrival point, it is worth spending a few days to discover this charming city with a charming and pristine old town , a beautiful natural environment and restaurants where you will lick your fingers while eating one of its famous cataplanas, one of the dishes most typical of the Algarve.

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