Glass Coffee Table

Overview About Glass Coffee Table

They never go out of style. They work wherever you put them due to their elegance and lightness. Choose well!

Transparent but very attractive. A glass coffee table never goes unnoticed. One of their main advantages is that they are spacious. You can have a coffee table even in a small space without cluttering it . We want to give you more reasons, or rather, ten specific reasons why you should choose a design like this.

Timeless elegance

Glass coffee tables are neither classic nor modern. Without eternal. They can be designed in all kinds of styles in combination with all the materials you can imagine because glass suits everyone. It allows impossible shapes, continuity effects, smoked finishes, dyes ... And they are always elegant. This living room, decorated by Hino Studio, has a square table in the center, with a glass top and an irregular black metal base.

They let the floor or carpet show through

With its transparency, another reason to choose a glass coffee table is that it will let the floor or rug that you have chosen with so much care shine through . Especially when it is a special model. Nothing will hinder the feeling of continuity. This project is by Raquel González interior design with styling by Cristina Rodríguez Goitia.

A glass coffee table is always light

Transparent glass is visually light. You will be able to have a coffee table, a support surface in front of the sofas , without cluttering the area . And they are made in all the sizes (and shapes) you can imagine. If the glass is tinted or smoked, the piece will stand out more, so that feeling of lightness will be lost to a certain extent. Fare Inc. Project

It is a neutral element, if we talk about decorative styles

If you have a space of very marked furniture and accessories, which define the style of your living room, you may need a neutral coffee table that does not distort or add. That balance point is provided by a glass coffee table. Without having to be a marked model, look for a neutral design, with basic lines , that adapts perfectly to the decorative style without complicating the composition. In this living room, a square centerpiece design on a Scales Pearl rug from The Rug Company.

It is a very customizable piece 

Just as it is a neutral element, you can easily customize it! It will not be difficult for you to add accessories and decorative accessories to a glass coffee table that personalize the composition . In models with a lower cover - like this one from El Corte Inglés - you will have a double task with the decoration of both the envelope itself and that lower space.

The glass fits with all finishes

Marble, lacquer, wood, stone, cement, all kinds of textures and upholstery... If we have already mentioned that one of the reasons that may lead you to choose a glass coffee table for your living room is that it fits with all decorative styles and trends, also with the finishes you imagine. So you won't have to think about living room furniture and upholstery fabrics , because a glass table will fit. If the design has some details in materials or colors, then they should be taken into account. But since it is predominantly made of glass, its neutrality will ensure that nothing clashes. This is a project with several square glass tables with a black profile in the living room, from the Tinda's Project studio, with styling by Mar Gausachs.

Nuances in the glass

Transparent glass is the most neutral and simple choice, but for those who want to give a little more prominence to a glass table with a simple design , choosing smoked glass adds color. In this living room, Openideas Architecture and Interior Design has chosen a set of three coffee tables of the same design in various sizes, which provides movement. Its black structure, with rounded edges and gray smoked glass, contrasts with the white sofas. The set is modern and light, sober and elegant at the same time.

All are advantages in its maintenance

Glass tables are easy to clean and maintain. Simply use a glass cleaner and a soft cloth that does not scratch the surface to make it look like new . And eliminate fingerprints, which are the main drawback of glass. You also have to be careful with strong blows. Living room designed by TR Studio and GEB London.

Despite being made of glass, they are resistant

They are stain resistant because they are waterproof, you won't even need to put a coaster if you don't want to. Stains do not penetrate and clean well. It is true that you should be careful with scratches from sharp or rough finishes, but the glass is resistant to impacts. Glass coffee tables are usually tempered so that if they break, dangerous pieces are not created . In addition, they are safe, since the edges have beveled and polished finishes. Decorative proposal with two green upholstered armchairs with a low Glass Coffee Tables with a glass top by COS Architects.

Also circular glass tables

And if what you want is a coffee table or several round ones, that add movement to the living area or that do not take up too much space , those with a rounded or oval shape are ideal. And yes, they can also be made of glass. With or without profiles. Those that do not have it are more "transparent", their edges are drawn less and they are lighter. Sincro project with Tegar furniture.

Irregular shapes in glass

This is the effect achieved by a sinuous glass coffee table without profiles. This way you can compare with the previous nest-type model with its black frame. This Pond model is sold at Westiwing and the top rests on a tubular wooden structure, which peeks out slightly above the Glass Coffee Tables.

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