How To Organize a Perfect Group Trip Via WhatsApp


Surely you have a group chat with your friends in which you talk and organize your next getaways, but do you really know all the features that can help you?


We like to travel with friends. So, as a premise, In fact, according to experts, this type of trip provides numerous positive things: it strengthens the relationships and ties we have with them, it gives us a greater level of trust and closeness, and, above all, it provides us with indelible memories that will be a point in our lives. common the rest of our lives, and they make us live experiences with much more emotion and intensity than when we do it alone.

Up to this point, everything is perfect, but let's not fool ourselves. When planning a group trip, knowing how to do it or how to communicate can be a great challenge. The travel platform Sky Scanner ( has partnered with the messaging platform WhatsApp to help us discover how this tool can help us when planning a trip and what the functionalities are that can help us not despair during the organization.

The blessed surveys

The first thing is to decide where we are going. That point can lead to a diversity of opinions and hundreds of messages that, in the end, we end up not reading because they saturate us. WhatsApp polls with multiple options or limited options can help us organize a vote in which the most-voted destination among the group members will have to be accepted.

Pin the WhatsApp group to the top

You can do it with up to three different chats; this will mean that if you are organizing the trip, the chat will always appear in the first three positions, preventing you from having to search for it every time you need to use it.

Create calling links

so you can talk to each other. It is one of the new features incorporated into WhatsApp, something similar to what Zoom or Google Meet do. It has already been implemented, and this way you will be able to join scheduled calls to talk when you need to. To create the link (in addition to having the application updated), you just have to go to the calls section and select the “create call links” option, click on the copy link, and share it in your group. This way, you can talk to finalize what is necessary.

Send confidential information with the one-time view function

If, for example, you need someone in the group to send you money, your credit card details, or an identity document, you can do it with the unique visualization tool, which, once you see the image, disappears instantly and does not even allow you to take screenshots.

Control the group administrators

Whoever is in charge of most of the organization can be the sole administrator, and if it is done among several, add several administrators so that you control who or who accesses the travel group.

Use chat blocking for more privacy

If it's a surprise trip or you don't want it to be visible for any other reason, you can use this feature to make sure the group chat is hidden.

Use the group to share itineraries and links to the destinations

you want to visit, and information from reports that help you plan the route. Then you will have them easily accessible when you need them during the trip. Additionally, if someone in the group runs out of battery at any time, the rest of the teammates will have the necessary documentation without last-minute scares.

If you are already clear about the WhatsApp tools that can help you organize a trip, we give you some useful tips when traveling in a group:

Make all reservations at once

Not everyone is on their own. Both the plane tickets and the hotel, especially if you want to share the complete experience all together. If each of you makes the reservations on your own, you risk flying on different flights or staying in different hotels.

Be flexible

Traveling alone, where you decide where, when, and how, is not the same as traveling in a group, where you have to try to be flexible with your preferences. This is not the time to impose our tastes.

Use applications to control, share, and divide travel expenses fairly

There are many mobile phones that will also help you control your budget and avoid possible deviations. Among the best:

Spilt-wise: It's free, and you split the costs with friends. With an email or phone number, you create the group and start adding what you spend. At the end of the trip, you will balance the expenses in a simple way.

Travel Spend: is another free app that allows you to budget and record expenses in different currencies, and the app automatically converts the expense to your local currency. It also helps you budget and share travel expenses or track what everyone has paid and who owes whom.

Tri-count: Another perfect application to control group travel expenses With it, everyone can add expenses, receive notifications when a member of the group adds an expense, allow expenses to be shared unequally (because not everyone always has to pay the same), work with different types of currencies, and create different expense categories. Tri-Count is a free application that allows a premium annual subscription with access to all features and without ads.

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