Laura Escanes practices the fashionable sport that has transformed Jennifer Aniston's body.

Laura Escanes

Amaia Salamanca, Eiza González, and Gara Arias have also taken up climbing.

Laura Escanes, who recently contributed a realistic touch to the viral trend whose filter turns you into a teenager from the 90s by showing surprising images from when she was in high school, also currently sports a spectacular physique. It is due, in large part, to her commitment to physical exercise. The influencer has admitted to even doing double workouts, but do you know what is best? She doesn't do it out of obligation or to look better. She does it for fun and enjoyment, with the main goal of feeling good. This explains why she has succumbed to the transformative power that, in every sense, has what has already become one of the fashionable sports: climbing. Like Laura Escanes, other celebrities have declared themselves fans of this dynamic and challenging form of training. We will tell you more details.

Climbing is a trend.

According to the ranking of the most practiced sports in Spain presented two years ago by the sports and well-being platform Urban Sports Club, already in 2021, climbing made its way into the top of the most chosen sports for the first time. According to the statement that the company issued then, "climbing has gone in a very short time from being a minority sport to becoming the third most practiced discipline."

"That climbing is in the top three of the most practiced disciplines is significant and shows a change in trend in sports practice at a social level," comments Liz Andrews, Managing Director of Spain and Portugal at Urban Sports Club. Professionals in this sporting discipline confirm the growing interest of women in climbing walls in the last two years. The obvious proof of this is that the most influential celebrities have already started practicing.

What are the benefits of climbing for women?

Climbing expert Jimena Alarcón highlights the benefits of this discipline for women:

Perfect for working the mind, this sport makes you know your weaknesses and overcome them. With climbing, we work on "this inner self that we all have" that tells you, "I can't." Furthermore, thanks to climbing, we can work on our ability to concentrate, and this combination of factors contributes to reducing stress.

Development of muscle mass and strengthening of muscles: in the climbing process, many of your muscles remain active, and, therefore, with a single discipline, you work practically the entire body. Among the parts that are worked the most, the back, forearms, and legs stand out.

Improves the cardiorespiratory system and burns fat: in addition to improving the functioning of our heart, with this discipline, in one hour you can lose double or triple as much weight as walking.

Increases flexibility: with this sport, unusual muscle segments are used on a daily basis. Poses are performed in which the joints are forced to stretch, which improves flexibility. If you mix this discipline with yoga, as they do at Sharma Climbing, a center founded by Jimena, you get much more out of flexibility; you are able to understand each part of your body, and injuries can be avoided.

Mina El Hammani also enjoys the climbing wall.

Climbing is also the exercise with which Mina El Hammani achieves arms of steel. Additionally, she often practices dumbbell biceps curls and other arm exercises to complement her training. This also allows her to challenge herself and be able to take on increasingly complicated routes.

Amaia Salamanca

In 2019, Amaia Salamanca said she had taken up climbing on a climbing wall. The actress has repeatedly confessed to being a person who enjoys looking for new things. So much so that she has also done a triathlon and often challenges herself with different sports. This explains why recovering from her pregnancies has not cost her anything and that she can always boast an enviable figure.

Eiza Gonzalez

Eiza González practices rock climbing. exercise that, if performed correctly, burns between 350 and 700 calories, according to experts. As her model has confessed to her virtual followers on her networks, her outdoor climbing is a kind of "therapy" . Something that does not surprise us at all because, as indicated by Jimena Alarcón, Chief Manager of Sharma Climbing, "climbing allows us to train body and mind."It is a discipline that requires concentration and allows us to overcome personal challenges while strengthening our muscles and improving our cardiorespiratory system". This makes discipline a perfect escape route.

Gara Arias

Last year, the model Gara Arias also shared her experience with climbing with her virtual followers. A fan of hiking and mountain trekking, the mother also combines outdoor activities with personal training in the room.

Jennifer Aniston

Apart from rock climbing by Eiza González and "roco" climbing (as the most regulars call it) by Laura Escanes, there is a third modality. It is what Jennifer Aniston practices and is taught at the Rise Nation gym. It has nothing to do with Kim Kardashian's exercise on the classic mountain climber. This activity is carried out in the way you see in the image, with a machine in which not only the lower body is exercised but also the upper body, and whose parameters can be adjusted to the needs of each person. Climbing sessions at Rise Nation last 30 minutes and are guided classes in which choreography is carried out with an immersive lighting experience.

The perfect combo

Practicing climbing and other dynamic activities is great for keeping your mind distracted, disconnecting from everyday worries, and complementing personalized training with a professional that you attend daily. Going to the climbing wall is an ideal plan for the weekend that you can even do as a family. You will have a fun time challenging each other, focusing without realizing it on mental and physical health, and gradually bringing out the best version of yourselves.

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